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We are committed to observing all of the precautions and guidelines set out when responding to your calls for Pest Control. You can be assured that the required distancing will be observed and we are still able to operate and provide solutions for pest problems throughout this very difficult time, communicating by phone while at your location and dealing with the tasks ahead without actually having to meet you.

Pest Control Weybridge, Surrey

The area you have selected is: KT13. This area covers Weybridge

Surrounding areas for this postcode are: Addlestone

Martin Bergin
Pest Control in Weybridge and Addlestone, Surrey

You can contact Martin on:01932 702 780 or 07989 105 361

Working exclusively in and around Weybridge Pest Control Surrey will come to you and assess your pest situation on an individual basis on the same day if this can be arranged and if this is convenient. Typical signs of pest activity in your property could be noises in your loft and this could be attributed to several and various pest species, often it’s squirrels who seek warmth in winter it can also be rats or mice as they will climb up pipes, wall cavities and anything else where they can get a purchase in order to gain access and make a nest in the loft space, insulation and various other areas of your home throughout winter. They will often chew wires and materials in order to hone their teeth and promote access to other areas to establish themselves. Rat and rodent activity in general including movement and noises heard mostly at night as they are nocturnal whereas squirrels can be heard in the daytime. Evidence of rodents including Rats, Mice and Squirrels in the ceiling, roof space or wall cavity are described as scratching, scuttling, gnawing and chewing.

We have extensive experience in clearing moles from gardens and land in Weybridge, Moles are often more troublesome In wetter periods when they can produce hills at a great rate and one mole is often responsible for many hills, we would assess your garden and any surrounding areas as gardens adjacent will have the same mole producing hills most often. However they may be coming in from fields and woods nears by. The whole process is often sorted in three visits unless it is a particularly bad outbreak or it has been left to get out of hand -this will require additional visits which we cost on the original visit and let you know what would be the most cost-effective way. We are registered with Surrey police for the use of firearms should you require a form of security clearance that would involve schools, private estates and unoccupied premises. We do cover foxes in our species list when they become troublesome or a threat to health - for example faeces in the garden where children play, territorial tendencies, the protection of pets and relentless noise at night etc ,this method is both discreet and humane as we do not trap them due to the high levels of distress this causes a wild animal. Please call us for more information should you require.

Wasp and hornet nests are treated quickly and effectively using professional equipment wherever they are on your property, often we can attend in your absence if there is access and you know where the nest is located, any additional nest we find will be treated too. We like to preserve our bees so unless they are risk to your health we leave them alone, sometimes you may experience a swarm in your garden on a tree or bush which will move on in a few days and be no trouble to you - they are just resting. Honey bees can be moved to a local beekeeper if necessary. Ladybugs or harlequin beetles as they are known are sometimes found to swarm on windows, again these will move on. It is the same with flying ants often swarming in very humid weather however if ants in general are nesting near your house and coming into your kitchen we can sort it very quickly and effectively. We cover all other insects that can cause a problem in the home so please call for identification of that insect and advice on treatment.

Other pest problems in Weybridge, please call us if you have any pest related queries or are unsure of the nature of your pest problem.

Reviews for Pest Control Surrey in Weybridge

Rating: ★★★★★
Veronica Sayers from Weybridge wrote:
Thank you Martin for helping us again with squirrels in the loft. Always reliable and so knowledgeable i wouldn't call anybody else.
This review was written on 2019-02-19
Rating: ★★★★★
Joyce Watson from Weybridge wrote:
Thank you Martin, for your prompt and efficient work. The moles are no more, making the horses fields so much safer.I shall be spreading the word-- Thanks again.
This review was written on 2019-02-20