Pest Control Distancing!

We are committed to observing all of the precautions and guidelines set out when responding to your calls for Pest Control. You can be assured that the required distancing will be observed and we are still able to operate and provide solutions for pest problems throughout this very difficult time, communicating by phone while at your location and dealing with the tasks ahead without actually having to meet you.

Pest Control Leatherhead

The area you have selected is: KT22. This area covers Leatherhead

Surrounding areas for this postcode are: Givons Grove, Oxshott

Martin Bergin
Pest Control in Leatherhead, Givons Grove and Oxshott, Surrey

You can contact Martin on:01932 702 780 or 07989 105 361

At Pest Control Surrey we can help you with any pest related problem that you may encounter whether its in your home or garden, stables or paddocks or on your farm and surrounding land. We aim to ensure that we provide a fast and thorough service in the Leatherhead area, customer satisfaction being our priority.