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We are committed to observing all of the precautions and guidelines set out when responding to your calls for Pest Control. You can be assured that the required distancing will be observed and we are still able to operate and provide solutions for pest problems throughout this very difficult time, communicating by phone while at your location and dealing with the tasks ahead without actually having to meet you.

Mink Control Surrey

Mink are a non-indigenous species found throughout Great Britain and Ireland having successfully adapted here after their introduction from North America for fur farming.

Mink are classed as an invasive non-native species and can have a devastating effect on natural inhabitants found on fisheries, rivers, lakes, ponds, canals and coastal areas. Wildfowl, fish stocks and small mammals are especially at risk from this voracious predator, and virtually any waterway will provide a home for them. Apart from the Minks ability to thrive here, their numbers can be attributed to the fact that many have escaped from captivity as well as the deliberate release of Mink into the wild.

An adult mink is bold, ferocious, aggressive and virtually impossible to tame, a solitary, mostly nocturnal animal the mink remains active throughout the year. It is a skilled hunter and predates on a wide variety of species including small mammals, fish, crayfish, frogs and insects. It will also attack larger prey including birds and domestic animals.

Please contact us if you are experiencing problems with Mink, we can resolve your issue quickly and effectively.