Pest Control Distancing!

We are committed to observing all of the precautions and guidelines set out when responding to your calls for Pest Control. You can be assured that the required distancing will be observed and we are still able to operate and provide solutions for pest problems throughout this very difficult time, communicating by phone while at your location and dealing with the tasks ahead without actually having to meet you.

Fox Removal - the most humane way.

When taking the decision to end a life, one has to make the best choice for the animal concerned. We fully understand how hard this decision can be.
There are many who state that the kindest way to deal with fox problems is to capture them and move them to a place where they will not be a problem. Lets take a look at that option.

Live capture normally involves the use of a cage trap. The cage is set and baited, the fox enters the cage and is caught. The fox will have to wait in the cage until the operator returns to move it. This will be hours of stress for the animal. Once caught, the fox is then removed from its natural enviroment and taken to unfamiliar territory (where other foxes will live) and released, now it has to find shelter, food and defend itself. We think that this approach is probably the cruelest way of dealing with the problem. A lot of urban foxes carry disease such as mange, removing the problem fox to a different area is encouraging the spread of such diseases and will affect the foxes that live there. Nearly all land is owned by someone. We need to ask the question, is it right to move a problem fox onto someone else who may not want to have to deal with it? There is also the question of legality. The government say openly that foxes should not be released or relocated. Government information on foxes

For the reasons stated above, we feel that the kindest way to deal with a nuisance fox is to have a clean instant kill. One moment the fox is going about his business, the next it is dead and knows nothing about it. At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make, but we will only deal with foxes on a humane kill basis. We will not trap and relocate them.